David Marquet’s Turn the Ship Around!:

A True Story of Building Leaders by Breaking the Rules – 26 Sep 2013

Last week I met the brilliant David Marquet at the Sandhurst Leadership conference.  His story of commanding the USS Sante Fe was fascinating and entertaining in equal part.  His book covers how he was put in charge of a nuclear submarine at two weeks’ notice – that he would usually study for a full year solidly to understand every element of the ship.  When is first order during the first exercise was impossible to follow he decided to take drastic action – with transformative effects.

David talked us through the challenges of leading when your crew know more than you and how the leader’s role is not to manage everyone and everything – but to move the authority to where the information is.  This short video covers a bit of his experience and the result that followed from throwing the usual hierarchy upside down.

He closed with the idea that by giving control rather than taking it, you allow your people to work at their best, exactly the way they are.  Inspiring stuff.