When work is going well

– the hours pass so fast that you have to stop to remind yourself to have lunch, text your friend back, and pick up the dog/shopping/children (delete as appropriate).

When you are not in the zone it can feel impossible to focus and actually “get stuff done”.  I found this when I returned to studying and assignment writing after a long break from formal education.  My brother put me onto the perfect article at the perfect time and I have been a big fan of Tim Urban ever since.

So for you procrastinators out there – here is a gift; a man who has been there in the most extreme way imaginable and has learnt the lessons.  The article is full of useful terminology that explains how we can be our own worst saboteur.  By naming “the instant gratification monkey” in your head – it is so much easier to put it back in its box.  I particularly liked the notion of “What are today’s bricks?” and have that stuck above my desk still.  Some days I don’t see it, but other days it is just what I need to nudge me in the right direction.  Enjoy the article, or scroll down to the TED talk if you prefer, happy in the knowledge that this is not a distraction, but will actually you help get your work done!